microdont– caseoverview19

before restoration
The patient’s main concern was the microdont (peg laterals) on 12 and 22. Temporaries are in situ, but the latera’s temp had fallen off.

incisal effect
Restorations are in situ showing the nicely matched hipocalcifications.

post-op retracted view
The restorations are blending in nicely with the surroundings. They are literally undetectable.

after restoration
Another very happy patient. She was over the moon!

Dentistry by Dr Duncan Copp & Dr Mark Brazier (Sydney), Ceramist Yugo Hatai, Photography by Yugo Hatai.

microdont– caseoverview20

before restoration
the patient’s concern was overall colour, the microdont on the laterals and a gummy smile.

Bleaching and crown lengthening surgery was done prior to refractory veneers on the laterals 12,22

post-op retracted view
A very natural looking result. No one can tell there are restorations within the arch.

after restoration
What a difference compared to “Before”!

Dentistry by Dr Tony Rotondo (Brisbane), Ceramist Yugo Hatai, Photography by Dr Tony Rotondo

microdont– caseoverview21

before restoration
This young patient wants to improve overall aesthetics wanting extremely white teeth.

pre op retracted
Bleaching completed. There are old composite restorations on 12,22.

Though 21 is non-vital tooth, no masking is necessary thanks to the internal bleaching.

after restoration
An attractive clean white smile yet natural as requested, exceeding the patient’s expectations!

Dentistry by Dr Jeff McGrath (Canberra), Ceramist Yugo Hatai, Photography by Dr Jeff McGrath