implants – caseoverview13

before restoration
The patient is “sick of wearing the plate” – a partial denture for the central 11, temp is in situ on 12.

pre-op retracted view
This is a traumatized case with a very difficult colour to match.

post-op retracted view
“One of the hardest cases I’ve ever done, but I’m thrilled that everything went like clockwork at the insertion” says Yugo.

after restoration
Truly undetectable in real life, and great teamwork.

Dentistry by Dr Duncan Copp (Sydney), Ceramist Yugo Hatai, Photography by Yugo Hatai

implants – caseoverview14

before restoration
Orthodontic treatment was carried out prior to the insertion of implants on the laterals 12 and 22.

shade selection
Shade taking can be very tricky sometimes …

post-op retracted view
This case shows a great result despite the differences in chroma, compared to the surrounding natural dentition. Maintaining a low value but looking at the smile as a whole was the key to success.

after restoration
An artistic result with a very happy patient.

Dentistry by Dr Michael Mandikos (Brisbane), Ceramist Yugo Hatai, Photography by Dr Michael Mandikos

implants – caseoverview15

before restoration
An image of the completed restorations on the model.

try-in stage
Providing a transfer jig ensures the correct positioning of the abutments in the mouth without any difficulty.

try in stage
The abutments in situ

after restoration
Immediate image taken after cementing the restorations. A great result!

Dentistry by Dr Tony Rotondo (Brisbane), Ceramist Yugo Hatai, Photography by Dr Tony Rotondo and Yugo Hatai