bridges– caseoverview16

before restoration
The laterals are to be extracted and a bridge was prescribed for 13-23

The soft tissue management was the key to success!

material selection
Lava Zirconia bridges ensure both strength and aesthetics. Note the shape and depth on the pontic site.

after restoration
Individual and natural result! Accolades to the clinician with his skill in the management of soft tissue!

Dentistry by Dr Tony Rotondo (Brisbane), Ceramist Yugo Hatai, Photography by Dr Tony Rotondo and Yugo Hatai

implants – caseoverview17

before restoration
The patient had significant bone loss in the lateral region, due to cleft palate. Natural dentition was preserved with orthodontic treatment.

material selection
Thinking outside the box, choice was Lava Maryland bridges on the laterals and Lava refractory veneers on conservatively prepped 14-24.

post-op retracted
Despite of a heavy midline shift within the restorations, the result is just outstanding!!!

after restoration
“Considering all aspects, probably one of the most satisfying cases so far” says Yugo.

Dentistry by Dr Michael Mandikos (Brisbane), Ceramist Yugo Hatai, Photography by Dr Michael Mandikos

implants – caseoverview18

before restoration
The patient’s main concern was the unaesthetic mandibular implant bridge. More of an individual looking life-like appearance with better soft tissue seal was required.

The bridge was fabricated with a resin material for a try-in, ensuring the functionality and the confirmation of the overall aesthetics in form.

post-op retracted view
Harmony of the pink aesthetics with individual natural looking restorations has exceeded the patient’s expectations!!!

after restoration
“A piece of art” was the feedback received by the treating clinician as well as the patient.

Dentistry by Professor Anthony Au (Sydney), Ceramist Yugo Hatai, Photography by Yugo Hatai.